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Buy a Yacht

How to get into yachting? Which new yacht to buy? How do superyachts work? Read the blog articles below if you want to start yachting.

Start your yachting journey with this article. Learn where to get your first yachting experience and how to think about your planned yacht purchase. 
Where do you buy your perfect yacht? In this article, we will look at best places you should check out to buy your dream boat.
Which types and brands of yachts are out there? Get the first impression of the variety of yachts and how the sizes impacts your yachting experience.
This question will sooner or later come to your mind in case you are thinking of buying a yacht. Here we go through the top things to consider.
Do you plan to build a yacht? Read our guide on new yacht construction and different stages of a superyacht new build.
Yacht brokers are specialists in yacht sales and charter. Learn more about superyacht brokers and see our list of companies here.
We prepared a list of world’s most popular international boat shows for you. Dive right in!
Browse through diverse superyacht websites for booking yacht charter online. Check our list in this article!
There are around 200 superyacht brands worldwide! Which one will you choose? Get the list of yacht brands here!

Own a Yacht

What is a cost of owning a yacht? Do I need a yacht management company? What about yacht refit & repair? This yachting blog section is dedicated to all the areas relevant during your yacht ownership.

Have you ever wondered if you could afford buying a yacht? Which costs you need to consider? How much does a superyacht really cost?
There is a whole bunch of work which comes with managing a superyacht. What is superyacht management and which tasks does it cover?
Learn how to book your first yacht charter experience, all in a simple step by step guide.

We are bringing you a list of 25 best superyacht toys in 2023. Which one will be your favorite?

Sell a Yacht

When it is time to sell your yacht, there is a lot of factors to consider. How do you get the best deal for your pre-owned boat? 

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