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Superyacht Websites: Charter or Buy a Yacht Online

Everything goes online these days, and superyacht industry is no exception.

Diverse superyacht websites for booking yacht charter, buying a yacht, ordering provisions or even for hiring superyacht crew enter the market.

Past several years saw an especially high surge in launches of websites for online yacht charter booking.

What used to be done physically from yacht brokerage offices, can now be done easily from the comfort of your home.

In this article, we will look at these types of yacht charter websites. prepared a list of superyacht websites to book yacht charter online for you. Enjoy browsing!

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Comprehensive List of Superyacht Websites for Booking Yacht Charter Online







Boat Bookings

Yacht Life

Click and Boat

The American Charter 


Luxury Yacht Vacation 


Ahoy Club



Sailing Collective



Dream Yacht Charter

Plain Sailing

The Yacht House

Contact Yachts

Boat Jump 

Yacht Rent 



Summary: Superyacht Websites List

In this article, you got to know some superyacht websites for booking yacht charter.

Browse through the list, pick your favorites and contact them for booking.

You can also check out our list of traditional superyacht brokers before making your choice.

Booking a yacht online through a superyacht website is a convenient alternative to a physical visit to a yacht brokerage house.

It can also be cheaper, since online platforms tend to charge lower commissions.

Have you ever booked yachts through one of the websites above?

Can you think of any other superyacht websites which are not yet in the list?

Comment below, or send us your ideas directly!

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  1. West Coast International

    For anyone interested in yachting or looking to purchase a superyacht, this list of superyacht websites compiled by Yacht Owner is an excellent resource. The comprehensive list includes a wide range of websites, from brokers to manufacturers, and provides a one-stop-shop for all things superyacht-related.

    What I appreciate most about this list is that it is constantly updated to ensure that it includes the latest and most relevant information. It’s clear that Yacht Owner has put a lot of effort into curating this list, and their dedication to providing accurate and up-to-date information is impressive.

    Whether you’re a seasoned yachting enthusiast or just starting to explore the world of superyachts, this list is a valuable resource. It’s always great to have a go-to source for information and inspiration, and this list delivers on both fronts. Highly recommended!

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