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Yachtowner.co is a yachting blog for superyacht owners and enthusiasts.

We help prospective & current yacht owners to:

  • learn & understand superyacht industry 
  • find out what what it really means to be a yacht owner
  • decide if yacht ownership is for you
  • clarify the steps from your first yacht search to purchase
  • get an idea about superyacht operations & costs
  • prepare for selling your yacht when the time comes
  • make an action plan for the next months & start executing
  • avoid disappointment & expensive mistakes

Together we will cover the complete cycle of yacht ownership:

  • Where to start 
  • How and which yacht to buy
  • How to operate a yacht
  • How to sell a yacht

Our website is dedicated especially to yacht owners and their interests. Our aim is to provide you the most useful information in an efficient and entertaining way.

Start your journey into the exciting world of superyachts with Yachtowner.co!

Why We Do It

The more you know about a new upcoming endeavour, the better the future outcome & the higher your satisfaction gets.

Same is true for yachting.

Way too many owners purchase a yacht without really knowing what to expect.

What often follows is disappointment, unexpectedly high costs, lots of time spent on operational issues, fewer trips and less enjoyment.

We want to prevent this.

Our aim is to spread the word about yachting, educate people, get them excited but realistic, and make their yacht ownership experience as rewarding and pleasurable as possible.

Our mission is to provide value directly to yacht owners and owner’s representatives, being independent and transparent.

Who We Are

On a daily basis, we worked side by side with yacht owners and know their pains.

Our background comes from working directly in a high net worth individual (HNWI) family office, representing interests of a yacht owner and his closest network.

We accumulated yachting industry knowledge, specifically from the owner point of view.

We also have experience in yacht charter and yacht management.

Our team holds following yachting industry certifications:

What else we can help you with:

  • Advise on yacht choice & purchase
  • Organizing yacht charter
  • Assisting with yacht operations
  • Finding best specialists in the superyacht industry for you
  • Answering any yachting-related questions (please see our contacts below)

We speak English, German, Russian, Spanish, Czech and Swedish.

New articles keep coming out, check out our website not to miss anything!

We are here to support you

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