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If you are interested in buying or chartering a yacht, chances are high that you will get in contact with a yacht broker.

Superyacht brokers are specialists in yacht sales and charter. The are middlemen between current yacht owners and charter clients or potential yacht buyers.

Yacht broker’s main task is keeping track of the superyacht market and finding you the best yacht available based on your requirements.

Many yacht brokerage companies are also involved in superyacht management, marketing, new yacht construction and other activities.

There is a large number of superyacht brokerage companies worldwide.

Their size spans anything from one-man or small family held firms, to large international yacht brokerage houses which operate globally.


Why use a Yacht Broker?

Buying and chartering yachts through yacht brokers is the traditional way of doing business which has been around since the superyacht industry evolved in the 1980s-90s.

Yacht brokers became hubs of yacht industry market knowledge, keeping overview of which boats are currently on sale.

Majority of brokerage houses have physical offices in main yachting locations as as well as websites where you can search for superyachts online.

Using services of a knowledgeable yacht broker will save you time and hassle, especially if you are looking to buy a pre owned yacht, build a new yacht, or sell your current yacht.

More importantly, a yacht broker will make sure that the yacht adheres to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Broker will guide you through the paperwork and help avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes.

They can also serve as a contact point between you and your counter party in case of any potential tensions.

Due to their expensive industry knowledge, good superyacht brokers can take lots of work off your shoulders while you concentrate on enjoying your yachting experience.

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How are Superyacht Brokers Paid?

Yacht Broker Commission

Superyacht brokers take commission in form of percentage of the deal amount.

Normally the commission is charged from the seller or the owner of a charter yacht.

When two different brokers are involved in a deal, commission will be split between them.


What is a Central Agency listing?

Central agency listing is a type of agreement which guarantees the broker exclusive rights to market and sell your yacht.

This means that even if the brokerage house will directly find a buyer for your yacht, it will be paid part of the commission for marketing your yacht.

Such activities might include printed & online brochures, listings in yachting magazines, professional photography & videography, displays at boat shows and other.

Central Agency listings are very common in the superyacht industry. It is important that that your central agent (broker) knows the market inside out to be able to sell your yacht.


Which superyacht brokers are the best?

As with many things in the superyacht industry, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to the choice of a yacht broker.

In order to pick that best superyacht broker for you, you will need to understand your needs first.


Are you planning to buy, sell or charter a yacht?

Some superyacht brokers specialize in yacht sales, whereas others do yacht charter brokerage more.

Make sure you contact a broker with correct specialization. Larger brokerage houses will have both sales and charter divisions at your disposal.


An international yacht brokerage or a local boutique firm?

Whereas largest yacht brokers operate worldwide, smaller boutique firms might specialize in a certain region or country only. Think about this when you contact a new superyacht broker.

If you want to get exposure to international yacht market, then a larger company might suit you better.

If you are interested in chartering a boat in a specific country, then a smaller local brokerage house might have deeper knowledge of local yachts and crew.


A large or a small superyacht brokerage?

Size of a superyacht broker makes a difference especially is you want to sell you yacht.

A large market leader will likely have access to larger pool of potential yacht buyers from more countries.

A smaller yacht brokerage, on the other hand, might concentrate on every client more and will put more focus and effort into making your sale happen. 


What types and sizes of yachts does the broker specialize in?

Check if the brokerage company has worked with the type and size of yachts that you are interested in.

If the company has recently sold yachts of similar size or same brand, it is more likely that they will have deeper knowledge about the current market situation for this specific yacht class, how much your yacht is worth and which details and characteristics to watch out for.


Did the broker sell the same yacht before?

In case a brokerage company already sold or built your specific yacht earlier, they will know the boat inside out.

This specific knowledge will be beneficial when marketing, buying or selling the yacht again.

Ask the yacht broker about their previous involvement with the yacht of your interest.


Is the yacht broker well-connected in the industry?

Does the yacht brokerage company have long-lasting relationships with shipyards, naval architects and designers, superyacht lawyers, other yacht owners, and further stakeholders which will take part in your project?

A well-connected yacht brokerage company is much more likely to implement your yachting project successfully and meet your expectations.

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How to Choose a Superyacht Broker

Which tasks can a yacht broker perform for you?

Superyacht broker will most likely assist you with one of three following tasks: building a new yacht, buying a used yacht; or selling your yacht.

For each of these endeavours, you should choose a yacht broker with most experience in that particular task.

Below are several questions to help you estimate broker’s level of experience:


Which questions to ask a supeyacht broker?

When selling your yacht:

  • How many similar yachts did you sell during the past couple of years?
  • Did you sell any yachts of the same brand and size?
  • At which boat shows did you display yachts for sale?
  • Who will cover marketing costs, brokerage company of the owner?
  • What is the realistic price for my yacht?
  • What your marketing plan will be?
  • How long do you estimate it will take to sell the boat?
  • Which fixes are needed on the yacht before the sale to maximize its price?
  • Do you have network of professionals to close the sale? (Surveyors, lawyers…)


When buying a second hand yacht:

  • How well do you know my cruising preferences, taste, needs, style?
  • Which kind of yachts did you sell to your customers during past years?
  • Do you have network of maritime surveyors etc. to successfully assess condition of a yacht for potential purchase?


When building a new yacht:

  • Did you already participate in new build and major refit projects? Which yachts were they? What was the scope and type of your involvement?
  • Do you have experience in working with yacht designers and naval architects?
  • Could you give me contact of your previous clients for reference?
  • What superyacht builders / shipyards can you recommend for my needs?

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List of Superyacht Brokers prepared a list of luxury yacht brokers for you.

These are the leading brokerage companies whose names are widely heard throughout the superyacht industry.

Browse through the list of these companies, choose the ones you like most, and make contact.


International Yacht Brokerages

(in alphabetical order)

Bluewater Yachting


Bespoke Yacht Charter

Camper & Nicholsons

Denison Yacht Sales


Engel & Völkers Yachting

Floating Life


Hill Robinson

Imperial Yachts


Luxury Yacht Group

Merle Wood

Moran Yachts

My Sea LTD

Navis Yacht Charter

Northrop & Johnson

Ocean Independence

Royale Oceanic

RJC Yacht Sales

The Yacht Market

TJB Superyachts

United Yacht Sales




YPI Yachts


Summary: Superyacht Brokers List

Yacht brokers are specialists in superyacht sales, charter and management.

While their services come at their cost, an experienced broker will save you time and effort finding a superyacht to buy or charter.

It can very well pay off to use a superyacht broker to assist you with your yachting needs.

In this article, presented you the list of selected leading superyacht brokers worldwide. We are also continuously updating the list.

Apart of traditional superyacht brokers, the past several years saw a boom in online yacht booking websites. Check them out before you make your broker choice.

Can you think of other high quality yacht brokers that have not been mentioned?

Comment below and drop us an email if you want help in yachting. We will define your needs and find the best solution together!


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